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Welcome back to PRN’s Attachment Series! Today, we’re talking about the first of the insecure attachment patterns: Anxious Ambivalent. If you missed the episode on Secure Attachment, you might want to go back and listen to that one before starting this episode.

There is so much information in this episode. It’s a lot to digest! By the time we finish this series, you’re going to be well-versed on the subject of attachment theory.

In this episode we’re talking about the relationship patterns that indicate an Anxious Ambivalent attachment style. I’ll cover how it compares to Secure Attachment, how this pattern develops, and what it looks like in adulthood. I’ll also share some common symptoms of this attachment pattern. If you identify with many of these signs, I’ll be giving you some ideas that will help you begin a healing journey.

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May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus!