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Welcome to PRN: Pause, Renew, Next. 

I’m so glad you’re here.  I care deeply about soul-care, Scripture, and stories of faith. I hope what you find here through the podcast and blog serves to challenge, renew, and inspire you in your journey with Jesus.

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Hi, I’m Ginny


As a licensed counselor, I believe that our stories are sacred. I love to hear and to hold important stories. Podcasting is such a fun avenue for telling and hearing stories, and for getting to  share them with you! I also care deeply about mental health and soul-care, so you can be sure that we talk about those subjects around here as well!


What is Pause Renew Next

All About?

I’m glad you asked! One of the things I’ve noticed as a busy mom, and sitting with many clients over the years, is that we don’t tend to focus enough on slowing down and taking care of ourselves. I believe soul-care encompasses caring for all of the layers of the self: relationships, body, mind, and spirit. Pause Renew Next serves to encourage pausing to focus on the things that matter most.

Join me as we pursue soul-care, allowing our bodies to slow down, and our minds to be renewed with goodness, truth, and hope.



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