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Today’s guest, Missy Stone, is an old friend of PRN. She was actually one of my first guests on the podcast, three years ago, and her episode continues to be popular today. The first time Missy was on the podcast, we talked about her struggles with anxiety, and how the Lord had recently carried her through a health crisis.

On today’s episode, we continue our conversation about how she is managing anxiety, because since our last conversation, Missy and her family have lived through a major life transition. Over the past year and a half Missy has gone from living in a home in NC to living in an RV for a year. She and her family are now resettling and beginning to put down roots in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC.

Missy and I chat about RV living, what she’s learned through transition, the gift of minimalism, her ongoing struggle with anxiety, and themes of soul-care. You are going to love this conversation!

To learn more about Missy and read about her adventures in Charleston, you can visit her blog, or follow her adventures on Instagram.

May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus.

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