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Do you need a gentle invitation to exhale? If so, then this conversation is really going to minister to you. This is the last episode of Season 6, and I am so happy that we could end the season with this conversation about slow-living. My guest today is author and podcaster, Jodi Grubbs. She and I have been friends online for a few years, and it was such a joy to get to talk with her! I think you’re really going to enjoy this conversation as well.

Jodi recently published her first book: Live Slowly: A Gentle Invitation to Exhale. In today’s episode, we talk about parts of Jodi’s story that helped her to learn to live at a slower pace. We also talk about her formative years of island living, about themes of soul-care, about being an HSP (highly sensitive person), and more!

If you enjoy this conversation, I encourage you to check out Jodi’s book and podcast. You can find both at her website:

Well friends, I’ll be taking off the month of July, but you can look forward to Season 7 coming in August!

May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus.