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What are emotions and what purpose do they serve? In this episode, we’ll answer that question, as well as talk about how we can recognize, name, and learn to regulate them. It was a joy to talk in this episode with my friend and fellow counselor, Deni Huttula, about emotional regulation and about her book, The Bridges of Chara: an allegory for your brain’s emotional landscape.

Deni shares about her history of working with children who struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges, and how that experience led her to write her book. We also talk about how we experience emotions in our bodies, and ways that we can co-regulate in safe relationships.

Deni is an old friend of the podcast. In fact, she was on PRN in the 2nd season to talk about soul-care. You can listen to that episode here.

If you’re interested in journaling, I hope you’ll go check out Deni’s other book, The Author Still Speaks: 21 days of questions to ask God.

May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus.