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It was a joy to have Alicia Akins back on the podcast today to talk about her new book, The Gift of the Outsider: What Living in the Margins Teaches Us About Faith. This season we are talking about stories, and one story that needs to be told is that of the outsider. In this episode, Alicia defines what an outsider is, and we talk about the beauty of discovering the gifts that come to the body of Christ when we enter into relationship with those in the margins.

In this episode, Alicia tells her own story of often finding herself an outsider, and also shares perspective on some of the gifts that those in the margins can bring to the body of Christ. Alicia has traveled and lived in Asia, and she shares unique perspective on how she has seen the same dynamics in other cultures as well.

I found this conversation to be inspiring and challenging in the best of ways. May we have the courage to stand a little discomfort for the honoring of others in our midst, and may we have eyes to see and hearts open to learn and experience the fullness of the gifts Christ brings to His body, even the harder gifts like lament and suffering.

May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus.