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Since January is a time for goals and resolutions, I thought it was the perfect time to have an authentic and balanced conversation about food and bodies. So, I invited dietitian Christy Maloney to come on the podcast and share some of her wisdom about reorienting our relationships to eating and our bodies.

On this episode, Christy and I talk about body image, intuitive eating, disordered eating, and how both she as a dietitian, and I as a therapist, have a passion for helping people heal from negative patterns of thoughts and behaviors around food. Of course, you know me, we also talk a bit about the Enneagram!

If you enjoy this conversation, and you’d like to learn more from Christy, I encourage you to follow her on Instagram, or visit her company’s website: Enhance Nutrition Associates.

Whatever goals you set for yourself in the coming year, I encourage you to be gentle and health focused. May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus!