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Today we’re talking about belonging and community, a subject that is applicable to every human on the planet, in any season of life. We all long to belong and be seen.

This month’s guest, Sarah Westfall, is a writer and fellow boy-mom who was gracious enough to share her own thoughts about cultivating community on this week’s episode. Sarah has written an online resource called Between You + Me, which can be found on her website:

Sarah and I are going to be continuing our conversation together in next week’s episode, so make sure you come back to hear part two!

If you’re not already following Sarah on social media, I encourage you to find her on Instagram, @sarah_westfall. In November on Instagram she leads Liturgy of the Little Things, an invitation to share places in our lives that we are finding joy, beauty, and meaning. I’ll be participating too, so find me as well, @pauserenewnext!

May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus!