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What a joy it is to share this conversation with you, friends! Today’s podcast guest, Sharon Tedford, is an absolute delight. (And so is her British accent!) She is a worship leader, author, artist, and podcast host. It was so fun to talk with Sharon about her award-winning podcast, God in the Ordinary, and her journey into the podcasting world.

Sharon has the gift of encouragement, and I have no doubt you will come away from this podcast feeling refreshed. During our conversation she shares how the Lord led her family from living in the U.K. across the Atlantic to starting a life in Texas. As Sharon says, change does not come easily for her, but through such a dramatic move the Lord began a work in her that continues to this day. She also shares how the Lord has used Isaiah 61 in her life and her ministry, which she aptly named 61 Things.

If you’d like to learn more about Sharon and check out her music, writing, and podcast, please visit her website: As discussed in the podcast, Sharon is kindly offering listeners of the Pause Renew Next Podcast a free copy of one of her watercolour paintings which you can find on her website. The passcode to receive your free copy is: podcast.

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May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus.

Pause, Renew, Next!