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Seeing God’s Hand: An Interview with Lisa Monson

It was an honor to sit with my friend, Lisa Monson, as she recounted the incredible hardships and provisions of her faith journey through battling lymphoma. Now, seven years later, Lisa can look back and see God’s hand evident all along the way.

Lisa is a licensed counselor and owns her own practice, Renewal Counseling. She is pictured here with her pup, Winston.

I so appreciated Lisa’s authenticity about not only her physical struggles but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of battling cancer. She shared that, through her journey, she has learned that God uses the broken things in our lives. As a licensed counselor, Lisa feels that the trials she has experienced help her better relate to her clients who are going through trials of their own.

When asked about a favorite Scripture passage, Lisa shared that her favorite verse is:

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12 NIV

During our conversation, Lisa talked about how, after her own health crisis, and after a close friend’s death, she began to be more interested in heaven. Not only did she search the Scriptures, but she also found Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven, to be a helpful resource for better understanding the promises of eternity.

I came away so encouraged by this conversation, and I hope that you did too. If something you heard on this podcast episode resonated with you, please comment below or join the conversation on PRN’s Facebook page.

May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus.

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  1. Rick Hill

    Lisa Monson is my niece and although I followed her ordeal I didn’t know the more intimate details until this podcast. She is an incredible person and and one of the nicest people I’ve ever known. There was one particular eye-opening statement she made in the podcast. You asked ( to paraphrase) ‘what did she take away from the experience?’. Her answer was profound, it resonated with me. She explained that although God doesn’t always bring the healing he can bring comfort in the midst of tragedy. That is powerful. I appreciate this podcast and I appreciate Lisa for sharing a difficult story.

    • Ginny Detweiler

      I absolutely loved this conversation with Lisa. Her faith is inspiring, and her perspective on life, healing, and heaven resonated with me as well.

  2. Sherry Hill

    Lisa is a great witness for Christ. I have truly enjoyed this podcast with her testimony. I have my own battle with illness and pain and know the joy of Gods peace thru it all. Thank you so much for this.

    • Ginny Detweiler

      I’m so glad her story encouraged you!

  3. Kathy Drum

    Hello, I want to thank you for having Lisa as a guest in your podcast. Lisa is my beautiful daughter in which I’m so proud of. I thank my Lord Jesus for God giving Lisa to us. This was a very very hard time in our life’s but watching Lisa with her faith, encouraged me as well. It also brought me closer to Jesus. Thank you and may God bless you.

    • Ginny Detweiler

      It was my joy! I just love Lisa and was so thankful she was willing to share her story.

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