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Life Between Two Countries: An Interview about Missions with Dawn Detweiler

An overlook of the city of Maribor, Slovenia

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a missionary?  In this podcast, we’ll hear from Dawn Detweiler who, along with her husband Nathan, lives and works as a missionary in Maribor, Slovenia. She talks honestly about the challenges and rewards of mission work.  She also shares what it’s like to learn another language and to raise a family cross-culturally.  Additionally, she discusses how her faith has grown over the past few years as she and her husband have faced obstacles on the mission field.

Maribor, Slovenia (city centre)

In this episode, I mentioned a previous podcast which also focuses on missions work:

I had an opportunity to visit Dawn in Slovenia last year. Here we are enjoying ice cream!

Was there anything that Dawn spoke about in today’s episode that surprised, interested, or inspired you?  If so, please comment below with your thoughts, or join us on PRN’s Facebook page to join in the conversation.  If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe and share with your friends!

May you be encouraged on your journey with Jesus.

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  1. Gwen

    Really enjoyed listening to you both. As I listened I kept thinking about mom and how much her and dad would have enjoyed hearing it. I’m sure they are smiling as your part of your cloud of witnesses with Jesus. Keep up sharing His love.

  2. Ginny Detweiler

    Thank you, that is so encouraging! I just love that so much.

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