Welcome to PRN – Pause, Renew, Next, a blog and podcast about soul-care, Scripture, and stories of faith.   I hope what you find here serves to challenge, renew, and inspire you in your journey with Jesus.

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  • Fighting Lyme Disease with Faith and Tenacity: with Denise Sultenfuss
    Recovering from a life-altering illness is no easy task. Imagine doing so while managing a farm and raising six children. Today’s guest, holistic health and wellness coach, Denise Sultenfuss, shares about her battle with Lyme Disease. We talk about her illness […]

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  • Being The Soil
    Parenting has come with unique challenges for which I often feel unprepared. I don’t know what I expected raising children would be like, but I certainly did not anticipate many of the scenarios I’ve found myself in over the years. I grew up with one sister. One very compliant, easy to get along with sister. […]