Welcome to PRN – Pause, Renew, Next, a blog and podcast about soul-care, Scripture, and stories of faith.   I hope what you find here serves to challenge, renew, and inspire you in your journey with Jesus.

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  • Pandita Ramabai: Champion for the Women of India
    Today’s podcast is a biography episode! I love hearing the stories of women of faith who have gone before us and finished the race well. Today’s episode highlights an incredibly courageous woman whose faith and bravery changed a nation. Her name […]

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  • Setting Boundaries with Social Media
    Are we ever really alone anymore? The truth is, we can have an audience anytime we want with the simple use of an app or two. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I find that I have a choice. I can keep my experience to myself, or I can post about it online and make […]