Welcome to PRN – Pause, Renew, Next, a blog and podcast about soul-care, Scripture, and stories of faith.   I hope what you find here serves to challenge, renew, and inspire you in your journey with Jesus.

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  • Change, Culture, and Calling: with Melissa Lewis
    This is the last episode of Season 3, and PRN is ending this season with a fantastic guest, Melissa Lewis. In this episode, Melissa and I talk about her nine-year career working in Costa Rica. She shares about culture, food, missions, […]

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  • Anxiety, Anger, and Transitions
    The last year is one for the record books. Literally. We certainly haven’t seen anything like a global pandemic in our lifetimes, and hopefully we won’t see one again anytime soon. Considering the magnitude of the life changes and grief that many have undergone this year, the resilience we’ve individually and collectively displayed is to […]