Welcome to PRN – Pause, Renew, Next, a blog and podcast about soul-care, Scripture, and stories of faith.   I hope what you find here serves to challenge, renew, and inspire you in your journey with Jesus.

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  • Change, Culture, and Calling: with Melissa Lewis
    This is the last episode of Season 3, and PRN is ending this season with a fantastic guest, Melissa Lewis. In this episode, Melissa and I talk about her nine-year career working in Costa Rica. She shares about culture, food, missions, […]

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  • Layers of Healing
    Sometimes I think and write in layers. Please indulge me while I take you on a journey down three layers of a story. Layer one: We have been battling fleas all summer. First, we noticed the problem with our cat. She received a flea treatment at the vet, but we still couldn’t seem to get […]